Our Consulting Strategies 

Watch Your lifestyle Grow 


MINDSET WELLNESS is a process of Intentionally Breaking Through Any Mental or Emotion Blocks that have been holding you back from achieving your highest potential.

Alignment Activity     #1 Find Peace In Your Past

Alignment Activity     #2 Find Purpose In Your Present 

Alignment Activity     #3 Find Power In Your Future

Alignment Activity     #4 Let Your Heart Speak 

Alignment Activity     #5 Accountability Is The Best Policy 

You and I will work together for 60 Minutes In a One-On-One Setting.  Upon completion our time together you'll gain access to the Online Self Study Course which consist of Visual Narratives along with an Accountability Journal.  These tools are provided as an additional source of support for your healing journey.   



VISION MANIFESTATION is a detailed discovery session that will assist you with taking your concept to completion.  You’ll also receive the confidence and clarity that you need in order establish a solid financial foundation that will elevate your business to another level.   

1. An Audit Of Your Current Business
2. Strategies On How To Streamline Your Brand.
3. Resources On How To Take Your Vision To The Next Level
4. A Personalized Wealth Building Blueprint to guide you along the way.

In preparation of your Consultation please send me the following items.


1. A Summary Of Your Vision

2. Any Marketing Materials That You Use...Website, Business Cards ETC.

3. Three Things You Wish To Accomplish As A Result Of Our Conversation.


LEGACY PLANNING is an opportunity for us to discuss the principles regarding Building a Real Estate Portfolio, Life Insurance Protection, Retirement Solutions & Financial Enrichment.  You'll receive the confidence and clarity that is necessary in order establish a solid financial foundation. 

1. Her Own Home (The Evolutionary Guide To Homeownership)
2. The Investors Journey (7 Steps To Achieve Success) 
3. Legacy Funds & Cash Accumulation Accounts  - (Options Overview)

4. Creating A Personal Financial Plan
5. Income Stream Opportunities

6. Credit Restoration

You and I will work together for 60 Minutes In a One-On-One Setting.   If applicable upon completion of our time together you'll gain access to the Online Self Study Course that walk you through the additional steps.  Each Course consist of Visual Narratives along with an Accountability Journal.  These tools are provided as an additional source of support for your Legacy Planning Journey.   

JOIN OUR Manifestation Community For Women


You're Invited To Join Our Culture & Become Apart Of A Community That Was Established To Heal Your HEARTMotivate Your MIND & Increase Your INCOME


We're committed to connecting with women all over the world that are ready to overcome obstacles and break the glass ceiling on barriers that have tried to block their blessings.  We want you to be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically & most importantly FINANCIALLY FREE.  Our mission is to encourage members to build a solid foundation that will support every area of their life.  We expect your harvest to be plenty and your cup to runneth over. 


Are you determined to impact the future of your family through principles that are designed to discover your divine destiny? Our goal is to provide you with Personal & Professional Development  resources that will contribute to your overall success.  We surround ourselves with Women that are serious about evolving as an individual while reaping the benefits of being supported by a group.